The Challenge

Create a budget-sensitive website while still remaining modern and relevant. Sherry needed a simple but clean web presence that reflected her “personal touch” personality. It was a “from the ground up” project – Sherry was starting from scratch with nothing.

The Solution

Simple headshot for a professional and personal feel that could be used cross-platform as needed. To keep costs as friendly as possible, I kept graphics clean and simple with a personal feel. Site content was designed to feel very personal and welcoming.

Design For The Real World

Simple. Clean. Relevant. Direct.

Approachable Identity

Sherry is a BIG people person and very approachable; kind, friendly, and warm. Her online identity needed to reflect those same qualities in an effort to help those finding her online for the first time to feel like they already know her when they become Massage Clients. The end-goal of an Internet Presence is for people to find you and get to know, like, and trust you before ever setting foot through your doors.

Traditionally Modern

Business Cards that stand out above the noise of all the “Me Too” business cards; featuring SMS lead generation via a no-brainer Massage offer.

Massage Therapy Website

Services Rendered


Logo Design


Pro Photography

Web Design

Mobile Design

Complimentary Marketing Mediums For Traffic & Leads

Using marketing systems that drive leads lets you focus on what matters most.

Melding Mediums

I firmly believe in tying complimentary marketing mediums together any time possible. For Sherry, we tied her business cards into her mobile site and SMS/Text campaign by using an enticing call to action on her business card with an easily scannable QR code. We also featured a direct SMS inbound campaign that drove traffic to the mobile site on the back end.

Ready For New Heights?

If you’re ready to treat your website and your web presence like an Asset instead of a Liability or line-item expense, then I’d love to talk with you and help you take your business to new heights.

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