The Journey of a Brand Builder

Join my journey of building brands online for both me AND my kids. Get a true BTS look at what it takes to pursue income and success online – the wins, the losses – I share it all. Join me! πŸ™πŸ‘‡

Some Basic Qs

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» what kind of things will you be building?

Wellll… 3 main things I’ll be working on this year are: 1) Building my son’s guitar brand from scratch with him (he’s a talented guitarist and is ready to start creating video content) and 2) Building out a cooking channel/brand from scratch on YouTube, IG, and maybe TT and 3) Building a digital marketing brand with both a newsletter and paid community, with hopes to sell it for a chunk of change in a year or two.

You’ll see my journey of building at least those threeΒ channels/brands, each step of the way; BTS video, tutorial videos, website and list building lessons, challenges, the data of what’s worked vs what’s flopped, etc. I’ll be documenting my processes, strategies, creation flows, and sharing as much as I possibly can with the email community. (PLUS, there may end up being an interactive community if I get enough requests, where we can all build together)

🀨 you gonna try to sell me a bunch of ish?

Sell? Nope! But I’d be a horrible digital marketer if I didn’t share the resources I use and love with my community. So that’s what I’ll be doing to help fund my efforts in sharing all my info for free.

I won’t be an affiliate for everything I share, but for many things I will be. As I share my journey, I’ll share the tools I use, the resources I learn from, and more, and if it’s something that will help you on your journey, grab it. If not, don’t. There’s never any pressure to buy anything I recommend, but it sure gives me the warm fuzzies when people do. πŸ₯°

🧐 if I join your journey, what will I learn?

Over time (cos it ain’t all gonna happen in a month) you’ll learn how to: build websites, create sales funnels, create and grow social media channels like YouTube and IG, create and edit video, create graphics (that don’t look like a geriatric cat made them), build an email list and turn it into income, set up automations, leverage ai, create and sell digital products, and prolly a bunch more cool stuff. All for free. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

πŸ‘¦ social media income for you... and your kids?

These days, being “a YouTuber” or “social media influencer” has taken its place right up there with “Policeman, Fireman, and Astronaut.” We live in the “personal brand age,”Β  in my opinion, where it’s becoming almost abnormal to not have a presence online, for whatever it is that you do.

So… yea, my kids!

They are all artistic and creative, in many ways, so I will be training them up with a focus on digital skills and brand building so that working for someone else can be their option in life, not a mandatory aspect of survival.

If you have kids – or know someone who has – this will be a great opportunity to come alongside me and learn how to safely integrate children and young adults into the world of the personal brand building on social media.

“Achieving your version of success online starts with knowing what you want your day-to-day lifestyle to look like. Then, reverse engineer income models that can deliver your desired result, as fast as possible.”

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